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Outsights works with support communities to either fix processes which are not working as needed or to build new capabilities to enable the future.

What We Do

Creating Solutions

We work around your needs. Maybe you just need a second opinion or a back up project manager. Our goal is to create a valuable partnership for change.

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Who We Work With

We have worked with many industry-leading companies and have had the privilege to get to know some exceptional people along the way.

Clients and Partners

Case Studies

Examples of Real World Applications...

Connecting People, Content and Performance: Taleo Corporation, 2011

A great number of the world’s leading corporations rely on Taleo for their most precious resource – their people. Taleo provides Talent Management solutions through the industry’s largest ecosystem of customers, partners and candidates. Taleo is a growing company challenged with providing software as a service and customized expertise on demand. When Taleo sought to equip its own talent with the capabilities to support customers, they brought in Outsights.
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Excellence in Knowledge Management Practices: VMware KM Strategy Background, 2011

VMware’s leading-edge ownership strategy creates a closed-loop KM feedback work model by connecting the voice of customer through social media outlets (YouTube Channel KBTV, Blogs, Twitter, etc.) with a specialized Product Support team called Bridges – 1300 Employees / 100% On Demand!
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What our clients had to say...

"If we had tried to hire internally for this type of talent, we would have missed the boat."

"We had such a great experience working with the Outsights team. It is amazing what you can achieve when you work with such talented individuals implementing ground breaking concepts."

"Outsights helped us build our knowledge management practice from the ground up. We went from zero to a recognized industry best practice organization in less than 2 years."

"Every time we have opportunity to have a face-to-face meeting with Outsights, the outcome has been a step change improvement."

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Giving Back

Outsights Makes Contributions...

As we build new opportunities in our work environments where revenues are flowing and our quality of life is sustainable, we seek to create balance in the larger world by helping other communities develop civil sustainable environments. We have a couple of organization to whom we donate a portion of our revenues.

  • Mercy Corps

    Their mission is to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.
  • End Human Trafficking Now

    This campaign is the first worldwide initiative to engage the private sector to put an end to human trafficking. EHTN seeks to integrate the business community into the solution of ending this illicit trade. Today’s economic engine is enterprises, and their social responsibility is pivotal for putting an end to this terrible scourge.