Knowledge Solutions

OBJECTIVE: Create sustained relevance with measureable value

We typically get involved to:

  • • Implement DITA or customized componentized content
  • • Deploy universal taxonomies to cut across incident, problem, product and community management
  • • Reduce bloat of content, and optimize access/findability/relevance
  • • Ensure security across interaction types and multi-media channels
  • • Define workflows to reduce overhead and increase process throughput
  • • Operationalize multi-lingual, multi-community interactions and dynamic content

We often find people have challenges with:

  • • Too much content, but most of the needed information is outside the company
  • • No one uses the internal KB anymore –people use external search
  • • Metrics are sustained by people doing what is expected not what works for them
  • • Need more types of media and contributions from broader audience
  • • Too many gaps to fill, tools have become an anchor instead of an enabler

We get involved when it is time to get knowledge management back on track…