Performance Solutions

OBJECTIVE: Predict and Improve Results

Outsights designs and implements performance architectures to support organizational strategies

Without the right feedback loops, improvements cannot be sustained. Our performance architectures inherently embed continuous improvements.

If we need to increase CSAT, we can embed workflows with process feedback triggers which promote the right outcomes at the front end of the process :

To decrease the backlog without overt closure actions, we can normalize support requests so common requests are processed similarly and trends can be aligned according to common problem types.

To increase SLA success and improve the time to responding in the field, we can create closed-loop processes which optimize resource engagements and add intelligence at the front end.

Identifying PERFORMANCE issues can be tough. If you focus on just one area, another problem creeps up somewhere else. A holistic assessment of your operations and success measures will highlight where to tune the organization without degrading service or sacrificing the relationship with customers or employees.