Strategy Solutions

OBJECTIVE: Develop a strategy to change the game for support.

A game changing product, go-to-market strategy, or a change in organizational structure, often requires but falls short of prescribing the best customer relationship model. And, those types of triggers require an effective decision-making capability to ensure the strategy is successful. Unfortunately, the customer relationship element and the support services often lag and fall short of the potential to be a market differentiator. Define the service model as the game changer.

Purpose: Develop a service framework to achieve goals. For example:

1. Create a flexible and secure processing platform (using any number of available technologies) for customers, partners, experts, and management to collaborate, share content, and manage service processes.
2. Integrate social media, collaboration processes, and transactional systems to produce comprehensive performance and reputation statistics.
3. Define methods for tracking work effort, skills, and resource schedules to optimize coverage, capacity planning, and efficiency tracking so people can organically grow into new areas.
4. Enable commoditization and personalization workflows which contain costs.

These are the generic elements of the updated service workflow framework. It is used to develop self services, managed services, field services, cloud services, partner networks etc. The game is won when the customer of the business leads the change. When the customer’s value chain defines the organizational boundaries, the business can become cost-effective. We help define the boundaries and connect the dots of the value flows.