Technology Solutions

OBJECTIVE: Do Just Enough!

The historical conflict between buy or built and customize it or change yourself is now an even more complex concern. It is critical to understand the vision of the strategy, breadth of change, and timeframe for evolution and to apply agile processes which maintain alignment to purpose as the infrastructure evolves. There is no big roll out – there is systemic and organic adoption.

We need to construct a blueprint plan and then manage iteratively as we:

  • • Compare suppliers and approaches for needed capabilities – leverage open source and leading commercial options.
  • • Integrate long term strategic direction with immediate needs to avoid wasted effort.
  • • Mitigate insufficient time, money and resources through reinforcing phases of deployment.
  • • Apply emerging technology standards to ensure scalability and ease of expansion.
  • • Contrast experience from trusted sources with espoused new technical features.

It’s a large risk and investment. The paybacks are much greater today than ever. We can ensure requirements are meaningful, aligned with outcomes and produce the right results in the right time.